Welcome to Thamesmead Branch - Lighthouse Centre

We are the LIGHTHOUSE, a city that is set on a hill that cannot be hidden. We are a community focused Church that reaches out to residents in our neighbourhood with the love of God.

We encourage individuals in our community to be part of us and enjoy a wonderful relationship with God through the authentic and undiluted teaching of the word of God. We connect with our community by encouraging people to fulfil God’s purpose in their lives, and empowering them through the word of God so that they can become the best that God has purposed them to be, walking in Faith and fulfilling their God given destinies.

We are warm, caring and friendly. When next you are in our area, please take time to be part of us.

Our meetings & programmes

If you are in Thamesmead, London area, we welcome you to fellowship with us in any of our services below

Sunday Services

10am - 12pm
Church Premises

Weekly ONLINE Meetings

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Special Programmes

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Contact Us

We love to hear from you and are happy to have you worship with us


(541) 754-3010




12 Arnott Close, Thamesmead. London SE28 8BG


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